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New releases

Most of my older books are available in audio format, but the newer ones aren’t. When I learned that Apple was offering an experimental progam that uses AI to narrate books, I decided to try it. Unlike the robotic voices previously associated with computers, this narration (using a simulated female voice) sounds surprisingly human.

The first title of mine to use this method is Cold Around the Heart, entry #1 in the Bonnie Parker series. It's available exclusively on iTunes at this link. 

CATH audiobook

The second title now available in audiobook form at iTunes is Blood in the Water! It’s entry #2 in my Bonnie Parker series. Get it here

BITW audiobook

Meanwhile, my latest new release is Hair of the Dog, the sixth Bonnie Parker novel. 

Hair of the Dog

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What's in a name? 

If you search for "Michael Prescott" on Amazon, you'll get a list of books written by me, along with books written by other people with the same name (or a similar name). Sometimes Amazon's "recommendations" feature will also direct you to books written by a different Michael Prescott. Despite my best efforts, my Goodreads bibliography frequently includes books by other Prescotts, as well. It’s confusing. 

For a chronological list of all my titles, please see the right-hand sidebar. If it's an ebook and I wrote it, it will be listed there. If it's not listed, it's not mine—regardless of the name on the cover. 

You can also go to my "disambiguation page," where I list the ebooks I wrote and the ones I didn't write. 

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