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Since other writers also use or have used the name Michael Prescott (or a similar name), I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of my books and differentiate them from the books of other Prescotts. 

The list of my books (all the ones currently available in ebook editions in English) is complete. The lists of the other writers' books are as complete as possible. I don't really think anyone would mistake me for the author of Boston Transit Equipment or Diabetic Weight Loss 30 Days Challenge, but I included everything I could find. 

I hope this clears up any confusion. But it probably won't. 

All of the following titles are mine. 



Shadow Dance




Deadly Pursuit 

Blind Pursuit 

Mortal Pursuit

Comes the Dark

Stealing Faces 

The Shadow Hunter 

Last Breath

Next Victim 

In Dark Places

Dangerous Games

Mortal Faults 

Final Sins


Grave of Angels 

Cold Around the Heart 

Steel Trap and Other Stories 

Chasing Omega

Blood in the Water

Die Stupid  (writing as Owen Fusterbuster) 

Obamandias & Hildebeast (writing as Owen Fusterbuster)

Bad to the Bone

Skin in the Game

The Street

Die Wide Awake

Tears for the Dead

Undertow (a short story)

She Who Scratches

The Far Horizon: Perspectives on Life Beyond Death (nonfiction)

A Death in Dogtown 

Don’t Touch 

Hair of the Dog

The following titles are attributed to "Michael Prescott." NONE of them are mine. 

And for the Sake of the Kids (Or: God Help Us, Mr. Lancaster)

Anywhere at All But Here

Being Alone Together


Call Me Anytime

Come Slowly, Eden


Deep Cold

Diabetic Weight Loss 30 Days Challenge

A Dimly Lit Truth

Duggie the Digger and His Friends

The Environmental Handbook for Property Transfer and Financing

The Fortuitous Death of Dr. Alfred W. Preston

Going Somewhere


The Need for Tax Incentives

Out of Iowa

The Lift: A Novella and Screenplay

The Long Storm

Pitch Black: Fifteen Dark Tales (also just Pitch Black) 

Searching for Buddha

A Short Stay in Amsterdam

A Straw in the Wind

Vultures All of Them

The following titles are attributed to "Michael J. Prescott." NONE of them are mine. 

All in the Family



Coffee for Two

Coming Up!

Goin’ Down

How To Get Laid (Again)

Lex Talionis

Lights On

MILF – A Dream Come True


Primal Instinct

Midnight 69


Taking Stock

Top Job

The Ultimate Compendium of EROTICA

The following title is attributed to "Michael R. Prescott." It is not mine.

Boston Transit Equipment 1979 – 2009

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